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“Call Me Maybe” for Choir and Orchestra

The timeline for this trend has definitely passed, but this took time and I appreciate the effort. A popular song arranged and performed in proper classical form. The diction! The lack of gaudy individualized ornamentation! The orchestral climax!

I think I’m in love.


Sarah Brightman doing disco?

UPDATE: A Facebook fan found the video!





Judge for yourself. Spotted at the always fantastic Central Cinema pre-show.

Glory Be! It’s a new post!



It is I, your Dear Section Leader Hannah, here to announce the state of the choir.

Unfortunately, the capitalist pigs have thwarted my attempt to obtain recording equipment and hence a new episode will be few and far between. At the very least, it will be an annual podcast. I promise.


Introducing….Choir Geek Podcast Episode 1

As promised, Episode 1 of the NEW Choir Geek Podcast is being released prior to the end of 2011 and it may be just as bad as the Star Wars prequels.

With special guest Scott, AKA Kosh from Through the Jumpgate: A Science Fiction discussion podcast. Witness the seamless melding of choir with geek as we discuss the origin of the show, my “kedentials”, our favorite choral picks, revenge via vocal jazz, plus Scott being a dick! Enjoy!

Episode Links:

Sumi Jo singing “Ave Maria” by Caccini

Sumi Jo dramatically singing “Ave Maria” by Caccini.
So garish. Plus she does an annoying note-reiteration/scoop that breaks up all the pretty long notes. I hate this version with a passion.

Chanticleer singing “Ave Maria” by Biebl, AKA “Frankie B”

Voices that Care
Prepare for the time warp. The shoulder pads, the frizzy hair, the Fresh Prince.

Right click to download!
Choir Geek Podcast – Episode 001

Welcome to the Choir Geek Podcast


Coming soon before the end of 2011: the Choir Geek  Podcast! Clear your eyes and wait for it! In the meantime, listen to a couple teasers recorded in the dead of night. Right click to download!

Teaser 1 with Intro

Choir Geek Podcast Promo 001

Teaser 2

Choir Geek Podcast Promo 002

Image Courtesy of Zombie Tabernacle Choir. Yes that’s a thing.



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